Cross Canada Adventure Day 14

July 7th, 2014.
I woke up early, and saw an orange glow coming from the cracks in my curtains. I peeked out the window and saw and awesome sunrise. I looked out the other window and saw a bright rainbow. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos because it was raining. I haven’t seen many good sunsets while I’ve been in Newfoundland. Perhaps I should be waking up early to catch the sunrises. It’s hard to say, but the one I saw today was amazing, so I’ll have to get up early and see. That means I’ll have to set an alarm, which I hate, but it could be worth it. I’ve done crazier things to get a good shot, which I’ll tell you about if you read on.
My first stop was the northern point of Bonavista. It’s a neat town with lots of old buildings and bright coloured houses. I found a high point to shoot a time-lapse from. I saw a light house in the distance and decided to head there next. When I got there I was a little disappointed to find that they were working on the light house, which made photos unappealing. The good part was that I finally saw Puffins, lots of them! I got some photos, but they were too far away for a good shot, even with my 270mm lens.
Not far from the light house is The Dungeon Provencial Park. I drove in there looking for the 2 sea caves next to each other that’s shown in the pamphlet. Somehow I drove right passed them. There were cows and horses on either side of the park. I saw one horse by itself and realized that it was tied up. There was a perfect circle of short grass that I assume it had eaten. I felt bad for it, being tied up in the hot sun, with little food and no water. I pulled over and tried to give it some water from a bottle, but it wouldn’t go for it. I picked a bunch of grass and offered it to the horse. It seemed quite happy to eat it, so I picked a bunch more and gave her a snack.
I turned around and found the sea caves that I had missed the first time. It was a big hole in the rock, kind of like the cenotes that are prevalent in Mexico, only there were two caves feeding water from the ocean into the pit. I did a time-lapse from the top, all the while scoping out the steep cliffs that go down to the rocky beach at the bottom. I decided to try and climb down.
About half way down I slipped on some loose gravel and fell. I scraped up my arm and cut my hand on the sharp rocks. It wasn’t a big cut, but it was fairly deep. Thankfully my camera was fine.
Once I got to the bottom I washed the cut with ocean water. I was happy that the water looked so clear, and although it stung, I’m sure the salt was good for it.
I lined up the shot and put my super dark ND filter on so I could do a time-lapse with long exposures. Just a few minutes after I started the time-lapse a big wave came in and splashed my camera. I wasn’t very happy about that. I cleaned it off as best I could and continued shooting. There were only a few big waves after that.
The hard part was climbing out. I made it up the rocky part just fine, but the last bit was mainly loose gravel. By this time there was a group of people watching me slowly climb up, cheering me on. The first thing they said was “wow, you must be pretty brave to go down there.” I replied. “Either that or just stupid” I think it’s mostly the later. I had to reach ahead with my camera, set it down, climb up another step, and repeat that several times. It was steep and slippery from the loose gravel. I would check bigger rocks and clumps of grass to see if they were sturdy and kind of crawl up to the top. I was basically laying down while climbing. Lets not forget I’m afraid of heights. Once I was just 10 feet from the top I passed my camera to one of the people watching. Then another person dangled their belt down for me to grab. He pulled me up and I was relieved and a little ashamed for doing something so risky. It was a great shot from down there though. I could tell other people had been down there, but I bet there isn’t many people that got the same shot I did.
I found out that they were fellow Ontarioians before we parted. I thanked them several times.
On the climb up I got my cut dirty again. I was more focused on not falling. Luckily I brought a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and Polysporin with me.
My next stop was the small town of Trinity. What a neat place. There are some very old buildings and lovely views all around. I went inside a church that was built in the 1700’s and took some shots. It was an impressive building with a really high ceiling. Once the other people left I sang a quick song to see what the acoustics sounded like. Pretty awesome!
Once again, I saw a light house in the distance along with a giant iceberg and I was attracted to it like a moth to a light. It took a while to get there. It was a bumpy gravel road, and once I finally got there I found out that it had closed 30 minutes ago. It didn’t seem that impressive anyway, but the view was, so I shot a time-lapse of Trinity, the town I was just in. Just before I was about to stop the time-lapse it started to rain, more or less perfect timing.
I decided that I should probably move on to the next province, because I’ve got a long way to go and money is going fairly quick. I’ve spent almost $1000 on gas since I left home. Getting to the west coast is going to be pricey. I really hope I’ll have enough money to make it there and back. I’ll have to sell some more prints, or maybe find some work in my travels. If I make it to BC on time, I could always pick cherries to make some extra cash. I’ve done that more than a few times over the years. It’s a pretty good job. It’s usually piece work, so you can work at your own pace. If I need to, I’ll pick like a mad man for a week or two and continue my travels if all goes well.
I headed towards Argentia to take the ferry back to the mainland. I found a Tim Hortons with wifi along the way, so I grabbed a coffee and checked out the ferry schedule. The earliest booking was on Thursday (3 days away) and it cost more than double the other ferry. The cheaper ferry also had it’s earliest booking on Thursday. I did some math and figured I’d save $100 if I drove the 800km to the other port. (that’s including the gas it takes to drive there) 3 days is plenty of time, so I’ll be able to shot some timeless along the way.
I made it back to Terra Nova and slept in a parking lot just before the entrance to the park. I hope the weather is good for my drive tomorrow.